Ausstellung: Archival Sites of Speculation: Storying the Silence, 11.01.-11.02.2024, Wien

The exhibition seeks to contribute to critical discussions on the archive as a space of artistic research and the experimental methods deployed in examining the convergent and divergent histories. It creates an experimental space within which methodologies of proximity and engagement with archives can be tested and divulged. The participating artists seek to negotiate the constitutive limits of the archive.
The artworks make visible what is absent from documentation and refer to the gaps in the transmission of memory, testimony or kept historical material. With these methods, historical and archival research is combined with a critical fabulation to make productive sense of gaps and silences within an archive. Participants of the seminar Working the Archive especially contribute specific positionalities to the exhibition in relation to working with the archive of the Austrian Association of Women Artists (VBKÖ) and other archives.

Austrian Association of Women Artists (VBKÖ) (Web)

Time: 11.01.-11.02.2024
Venue: VBKÖ, Maysederg. 2, 1010 Wien

Artists: Katharina Birkmann, Maja Bojanić, nathan c’ha, Mark Chehodaiev, Alessandra Ferrini, Onyeka Igwe, Belinda Kazeem-Kamiński, Ivana Lazić, Arina Nekliudova, Carmiña Tarilonte Rodríguez, Elske Rosenfeld & Olia Sosnovskaya, SKGAL (Nina Höchtl, Julia Wieger), Tsai-Ju Wu, and Lorenz Zenleser

Curators: Georgia Holz and Stephanie Misa as part of the INTRA project Anonymity and Absence – Archival Sites of Speculation (Web) at the Univ. of Applied Arts Vienna.


Archival Sites of Speculation: Storying the Silence
January 12–February 11 | Opening Times: Thursday-Saturday, 2-6 pm

Exhibition Opening
January 11, 6 pm
Lecture performance, 7 pm: Gadaffi in Rome: The Expanded Script by Alessandra Ferrini

Workshop with Tsai-Ju Wu: Let’s build our own acid-free archive!
Saturday, January 20th, 2–5 pm
Max. 7 participants, free donation
Please register until January 15th via e-mail:

Workshop with Elske Rosenfeld & Olia Sosnovskaya: Archive of Gestures: Becoming In/visible
Friday, February 9th, 3–6 pm

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